Darkwind of Danaria – Box Set Volumes 1 & 2

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Darkwind of Danaria – Box Set Volumes 1 and 2

Cover Design by DL-Design and Digital Art

The Starstone (book 1): Two centaras ago, at the end of the war, the Starstone was broken into three pieces. Scattered across the land, the pieces were soon forgotten, and Danaria found a relative peace. Now, one piece of the Starstone has resurfaced, and Lord Darkwind is determined to capture it, along with the one person who can direct its powers.

Thrust into the search for the Starstone, Neerah and Joelnar find themselves evading not only Lord Darkwind, but also the Guardians of Starfall—religious zealots who believe that only Neerah’s death can save their world. With the advice of the mysterious Ethereals to guide her, Neerah struggles to retrieve the pieces of the Starstone and save Danaria from the darkness that threatens her world.

The Globe of Souls (book 2): To save himself and his brother, Joelnar and his companions must find a way to release the souls imprisoned by Darkwind in the Globe of Souls. The key may lie in one of the long-forgotten cities of the Ol’Dans—the old Danarians and original inhabitants of the planet. The group forms an unlikely alliance with the Aerisens—childlike beings who dwell in Llanfayria, but whose wisdom and insights are as astute as the Ethereals.

However, unbeknownst to Joelnar and his companions, a gateway between worlds was partially opened when Neerah tried to destroy the Starstone. The demon on the other side of the gateway, is intent on breaking through to Danaria, and he is seeking the power from the Globe of Souls to help him.

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