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Choices – A 2-book collection containing “Escorting the Dead” and “More from the Masters”

Choices Cover 03
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This 2-book set contains insights and wisdom regarding death, life, and relationships of all types (family, work, religious affiliations, and other). It explains how the choices we make affect not only ourselves, but everyone around us. This is why we all need to make love-based choices rather than fear-based choices, and it provides examples of how we can do that.

Escorting the Dead: Read how a bicycle accident and near death experience changed my life along with my understanding of life and death. How out of that experience came the job of escorting the dead to the afterlife. A job that’s filled with as much heartache as it is joy. It’s a job that has taught me a lot about compassion and love, but most of all it’s taught me that death is merely another step along life’s path.

More from the Masters: The ascended masters explain how life is an intricate pattern of relationships, which we weave into and out of our lives with every choice we make. They also speak about how our choices are based in love or fear (love’s opposite), and how we can help ourselves overcome the fear to make more love-based choices. The book contains wisdom regarding the different types and levels of relationships that we create during our lifetimes, and how each of these relationships affect the experiences we have. It is a compilation of discussions and explanations that (hopefully) will help you gain a new perspective to and understanding for the complexities of human relationships and how to cope with them.

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