How do Past Lives Affect Us?

Q: Can remembering your past lives help you? And if so, how? A:  While most [people] consider the remembering of past lives as nothing more than a fascinating pastime, the remembering of past lives can actually help alleviate numerous psychological, emotional, or physical ills. This is because many times the lesson was not inculcated, nor …

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Time and Fragments (Part 2)

Q: I'm still not sure we understand about time and fragments. Does a fragment then inherit multiple overleaves (personalities) when one timeline merges with another? A:  If we follow essence through a cycle perhaps we can make things clearer. We will try. Essence decides to be a king with dominance, stubbornness, observation. It begins life …

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Tell Us About Transitioners

    Q: Are there a lot of tran'zrs, or what you call greeters? A: Many such exist throughout the world. Between 6 and 10%, of the population spends at least a portion of their time helping others transition across planes; however, only about 2% do so on a “full-time” basis. Those that do, do so in …

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