Time and Fragments (Part 3)

Q: So does each of us exist then in more than one reality? A:  We would have to say that those other yous are you but not you. They are the yous based on the culminations of the choices on their time line in their reality—you are the you based on the culmination of choices …

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Time and Fragments (Part 2)

Q: I'm still not sure we understand about time and fragments. Does a fragment then inherit multiple overleaves (personalities) when one timeline merges with another? A:  If we follow essence through a cycle perhaps we can make things clearer. We will try. Essence decides to be a king with dominance, stubbornness, observation. It begins life …

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Tell Us About Transitioners

    Q: Are there a lot of tran'zrs, or what you call greeters? A: Many such exist throughout the world. Between 6 and 10%, of the population spends at least a portion of their time helping others transition across planes; however, only about 2% do so on a “full-time” basis. Those that do, do so in …

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