Omens and Portents

Image result for images of portentsQ:  Are portents or omens real?

A:  Of portents and omens do we see mostly superstition. For all occurrences and events can be interpreted in a 1000+ ways. For all who see an occurrence see it uniquely. No two individuals will see the exact same event or the exact same occurrence. Therefore, the meaning of what is seen or experienced is unique to each individual and is interpreted within that individual’s capacity to do so.

If the event is so outside any experience ever had, seen, or heard, then it takes on the dimensions of god interactions or myth. For there is little background available to the individual with which to equate the experience, therefore, there is little knowledge on which to base an understanding of what occurred. If on the other hand, this experience is similar enough to other knowledge already obtained, then the experience is placed within that context or framework. If the individual is an adherent of a particular dogma, then the experience will be extrapolated as part of that, if it is completely contrary to an individual’s belief system, then it becomes an evil thing. If it is a positive experience, then it becomes an enlightening or god-induced experience.

Always is an event or occurrence interpreted within the context of one’s own beliefs or perspective. For how could it be otherwise? If an owl does hoot three times it most likely only indicates an attempt by the owl to pinpoint some prey. However, for those steeped in the lore of certain beliefs, it could also mean a death soon. It depends upon the person’s perspective. To see 666’s means nothing unless you are a Christian. To see a white dress on someone you love means little, unless you believe that white signifies death.

So do omens have no meaning unless you give them some. The interpretation of tea leaves or vague cloud formations, or the presence of some animal or weather pattern, indicates nothing unless you wish it to.


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