What Types of Imbalances are There?

deathinmirrorQ: What types of physical imbalances can occur?

A: There are five main areas of dis-ease and imbalance, each of which, if not corrected early, can lead to more serious physical problems. Remember that all is energy—thoughts and emotions are and they affect the energy centers in your bodies, which in turn respond with physical ailments. Each of these five areas requires different techniques in healing.

Mental Centering Imbalance

The mental centering can become imbalanced through the development of one belief or set of beliefs over another, such as believing that you are not intelligent enough to be promoted in your job. If this becomes too pronounced, then the counter for it (“I can learn what I need to, to become whatever I want to”) becomes ineffective—lost in the ‘noise’ of the predominant belief. The chief cause of these types of imbalances is fear. The method to correcting the balance is to find the fear and dissolve it—with logic if it works, but mostly with loving acceptance.

Emotional Centering Imbalance

The emotional centering can become imbalanced through blockages in the chakra or neglected ‘lessons’ (whether self-karmic or other). The person becomes overcome by anger, sadness, frustration, whatever, and they feel off-balance; yet they do not know how to correct this cycle. This can greatly affects a person’s ability to function, as every aspect of a person’s life is affected by their emotional state.

Sometimes a simple balancing of the chakras is all that is necessary to stop the emotional cycle. Other times honest communication is needed. This can be both beneficial and healing in these situations. Speaking to, and communicating with, the person or persons whose actions cause you to choose to respond in the emotional manner in which you do, can help you both realize, acknowledge, and release the emotional cycle.

Past Life Imbalance

But sometimes the need is deeper; sometimes the cause is due to a past life partially remembered. The healer then must help them bring to the surface, the entire episode and help them understand why it is surfacing at this time. For only through understanding can they acknowledge and release the fear that is causing them to respond in their emotionally unbalanced manner.

Energy Misuse and Blockages

You can also have an energy imbalance through the underuse, misuse, or overuse of one or more of your chakras. Holes in the aura caused through ’emotional attacks’ (whether intentional or unintentional) or through unwanted cording allow energy to leech away leaving the person lethargic and exhausted. If uncorrected, corresponding lesions on the body can appear.

Blockages in the chakras or the shutting down of all or some of the chakras can cause build-ups of energy that spill out in frenzied movements and excessive bursts of energy. These can eventually lead to heart or other muscular disorders.

Physical Trauma

Physical imbalances or illnesses can be caused through physical trauma (external), chronic negativity (internal), karma/lessons, or chronic mental, energy, or emotional imbalances. For most physical trauma, physical treatment is necessary (medical practices of the region and culture), though healers can facilitate the recovery.



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