Can I be Healed?

massage-hot-stones_123388285Q:  How does someone know whether they can be healed or not?

A: All healing, ultimately, is self-healing; for only essence determines whether the body should be healed or not. Although, personality can block the process, it cannot heal the body without the aid of essence. A person may have the chief feature of martyrdom as part of their personality, in which case personality hangs onto the illness long after the lesson(s) are learned so that it can ‘indulge’ itself in the attention gained through its manipulations. However, eventually essence heals the illness that was created by an imbalance in the body

Essence can also block others from healing the body if it feels that the lesson(s) have not yet been learned, or the experience not ‘tasted’ enough. After all, you must remember that the purpose of life is to experience it—all of it, illness and imbalance, as well as health and balance. No one can help another heal without their permission. This need not be granted on an aware level, but when it is, it makes it that much easier on both parties. For when permission is given with awareness, then personality will not interfere. If essence permission only is gained, then the healing is best done on the astral levels where personality cannot so easily interfere.

Not everyone can heal and not everyone can be healed. It must be a mutual agreement between the parties as to whether a balancing or healing will occur. And, of course, the person performing the healing must know how to do so.” It is sometimes difficult to separate the wishes of personality from the desire of essence. This is why meditation or periods of silence are so important to those who seek. You must quiet the intellect and emotions and allow essence to ‘speak’ to you. Essence always speaks the truth if it is allowed its ‘voice’.

If, as a ‘healer’, you seek to know whether someone’s state of imbalance can be healed, you can use a similar technique. As they meditate, you can ‘probe’ their aura and communicate with their essence as to whether the time is appropriate to try a healing, or whether the lesson or experience is to continue.



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