What is like on the Astral Plane?


Q:  Why would one want to visit the astral?

A:  One would visit the astral for information, lessons not done in the physical, or to work with others (whether as balancers or cleansers, or guides or interpreters). For all are aware, and when the body “shuts down” (sleeps) focus of only a minimal sort is required. The energies that are you do not require this shutting down, so go on to work on other things—whether it be lessons or guiding—they are desired by the fragment to grow and gain in the experiences.

Q:  When we’re on the astral between incarnations, do we see and hear and have astral body sensations? Or does perception happen in a different way, and, if so, how?

A:  The “astral body” is whatever you wish it to be. For once on the astral plane does the energy focus more on emotions, not physical form. However, if you wish to create a form similar to that used while in the physical, then can you do so. For this is your choice. You can create a whole “world” or reality in replica of a physical life and work through various options of emotional responses.

The form used while in the astral is one of choice. For most, the initial “reaction” is to create a form replicating the human bipedal form that they are familiar with. However, as separation becomes more pronounced, then does the need for a human shape fade. The form most often used within the astral realms is one of light and color. You would describe them as glowing orbs or streamers of lights. Many guides assume the human form, for this makes it easier for those they guide to accept them.

The sensations garnered from the astral relate to emotions not tactile senses, for those cease being when essence no longer inhabits a physical form. Sight, as you know it, exists not. For those on the astral, as the rest of us do, perceive the true form with the whole of us. There is not enough equivalency to any reference point on the physical to explain it.

We “sense” the energies that are you with the energies that are us. We know the vibratory frequency that is unique to you, and so know “who” each fragment or essence is.

When physical incarnation is no longer desired, then does the fragment move to the second level of the astral plane. If it is the final cycle of all fragments of this essence, then will the integration process begin. If other lives are to be lived, then only those abstaining from further incarnations remain within the second level. There they will act as guides, advisors, and teachers until they either rejoin the physical or until all fragments agree to end their cycling through the physical plane. Once integrated into one essence, do you move to the third level.

The first level is that level where those who need to experience heaven or hell or purgatory or any other between life scenario will create that experience. It is also the level wherein those still within physical forms can move to while meditating or are for any reason out of focus with the physical form. For the first level is the transitioning level; the level where all souls/fragments transition between physicality and non-physicality. It is also the realm wherein most dream encounters occur, and where some “dreamers” actually create situations that appear to them as real occurrences—whether these are alien abductions or the conversation with the dead grandparent.

For this is the area where all emotional thoughts and fears become manifest. So if you find yourself there with fear of aliens, most often will you then “encounter” those aliens.

The third level is for various interactions between both astrally-created realities and yourself. For you can recreate any emotional situation from your physical “pasts” and try different approaches.

The integration of fragments back to essence is not so much the blending of character traits, as you associate with self. For self is truly all that you have experienced as the person you are now, and as all the others you are in all the different nows, as well as the sum of all your other fragments’ nows. When integrated you merely remove the artificial barriers that the physical plane has instilled and allow all the yous to be. Always are you the sum of your parts. Essence/spirit knows all that each fragment knows, it is only the physical form and the barrier of the physical mind caught in the physical “rules” that keeps all the nows and all the “memories” separate. So integration is more the removing of the last of the physical plane barriers that keep you from yourself. We would liken it to a room filled with dividers that have created 100’s of smaller rooms. By removing the dividers, you have now allowed the energies to flow freely again on all levels and have removed all the barriers.


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