Does Everyone Have Guides?

underneath_the_wings_2Q: Does everyone have guides? And if so, why don’t more people speak with and use their advice?

A: As to the guides, all have guides, but not all commune with or partake of the information that the guides would share with them. For not all are in tune with the spiritual side of their nature, and so do not accept the presence of their guides, nor do they choose to perceive those who would guide or advise them. Some have many who would guide and others only one, but there are none in the physical who have no guides.

Those with many, are usually those whose other fragments, having finished [their own lives and lessons], now await them on the astral and so would act as guides and advisors until all fragments are united.

For most, do they share guides. For one of the tasks selected to do by those in the astral is to guide and advise others. They do not, however, just guide one, but rather do they guide hundreds, because, for them on the astral, the time felt by you is not the same. They can, by your standards, spend 50 years with one person and yet also be with another 40 (people) during those same years. That is because your time is not the same for them, although they understand your time sequencing and can abide by it. But also can they place themselves outside of it and therefore, seemingly appear in many places at what appears the same time.

The questioner has 1 guide and 14 fragments that would act as guides. She has, however, never attuned herself to listen to them, except through sleep and dreams. While meditating does she still focus on the physical and so hears not the advice her guides would offer.


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