Can Anyone Speak with Angels?

lightangelQ: Can anyone speak with their guides or guardian angel?

A: Anyone can speak with their guides or guardians, this is merely a way of opening oneself to and listening to one’s “higher self”—the part of self not focused on the physical plane.

The term “higher self” is misleading, for it is not that that portion of your self is better than the rest of you. Rather it only indicates that it is the portion of you not focused on, not encased in, not constrained by the physical world. Therefore, the perspective is broader and the “wisdom” more clear, for the memory is unimpeded by personality and fear.

However, to be brought “forward” to the physical realm, requires that the information be “filtered” through the personality to the physical being that you are. If personality is strong, then the information may never come through. If personality is that strong, then the channeling [of information] will probably never occur.

However, if personality can be moved aside and a channel for information created, then wisdom can be communicated. If, however, the information creates fear or conflict (conflicts with the chosen personality), then either the information is blocked or the personality becomes radically changed.

These then, are similar to your life-altering situations, for they are little more than essence contact. A contact of a fragment with itself, which frightens it so much as to cause the “instant” removal of personality and the fragment then operates only from essence. This causes the lessons and karmas and tasks to be abrogated, for personality is chosen to facilitate the learning and the experiencing. But if personality is “lost” through some life-shattering experience, then the “play” is interrupted and will need to be set up and experienced at some other life time.

Those who would channel some “thing” or some “one” other than their higher selves, would need to seek out one of their guides, or to have had an agreement in place. You have had an agreement with us for the past 7 of your lifetimes, for it has taken many of your lives for us to develop a good enough rapport that channeling then becomes possible. For the understanding of language is not easy. We think and communicate in terms of thought, you use words, music, mathematics, emotions, and all manner of communication methods. Therefore, for us to communicate easily and distinctly that which we wish to say becomes a learning experience for us both.

We do not “influence” your thoughts so much, as we do direct you toward those ideas and concepts that facilitate the learning and communicating. Most would channel astral guides, for these require no agreements, nor do they require extensive preparation. For those in the astral are still close enough to the physical that communication flows easily and with little blockage. It is only as you move toward the causal and buddhic planes that communications become more difficult and so requires the agreements of several “life times” so that the links and connections can be created that aid in the communication process.



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