How can someone communicate with you?

meditate_manatsunsetQ:  How can  someone open themselves to contact some causal teacher or guide?

A:  As to how someone would contact a causal guide, we could explain the mechanics, and yet still would there be those who could not master it. For they are driven by fear and cannot let personality go, even for a moment. For them there is only awareness of fear and so do they find what we say frightening and beyond belief. This is their choice, and is not to be taken personally.

To communicate with one not of your plane, do you need to shift focus from the physical plane to that of the energy levels of astral or causal. To shift the focus requires that the personality be shifted or its attention “diverted” (if you will), so that essence may be forefront. Once this occurs, it becomes easier for those guides to communicate or make contact with you.

As to how this communication would occur is dependent on each individual. For each would respond differently. Some would “hear” internal voices, where others would see pictures or “movies”, and still others perceive mathematical symbols or musical compositions.

The communication methods used depend on the role of both the guide and the intuitive, for if both are scholars then might the information come through as words or mathematical computations. If one is artisan then might it be in the form of music or artistic endeavors. If of the leadership roles (king, warrior, or priest), then might the information come through as a plan of action. So each will receive the information in their own way, but only if the path or channel is cleared, and the energies allowed to merge.

For that is how the information is exchanged, by the merging of energies between intuitive and guide. How the information is interpreted depends on the grouping of fragments and how they perceive the information.

To shift the personality must you sometimes occupy it with other things with other actions or thoughts. Then will it be “distracted” and the focus not on the objects and ‘reality” of the current here and now, but rather will it be on the beads or cards or mantra with which it is focused. This allows then for the essence to control and lead, and for awareness to move to the other planes where the communications can then occur.

These then are the mechanics.


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