Does Centering Affect Astral Communications?

: I would love to communicate with my guardian angels, but am not sure this is possible with my overleaves…I understand that those with an intellectual centering find it harder to open themselves than someone with a different centering.

A:  It is not the centering so much that would preclude the meditating or the communicating, but rather is it the attitude. For this questioner would we see the need to first access self before moving on to their guides. When the questioner does seek out his guides, seek first the astral guides, and then, perhaps, those of the lower causal.

That the questioner has guides on the astral and the lower causal, as well as the mental and the physical planes is true. That he recognizes them and their works, is not. For most often do they work during sleep cycles, for that is the only time that this scholar is free from those filters/traits that would keep their information from being “heard”.

All can meditate, and all can communicate with those who would advise or watch over you. However, some are more adept then others, for their fears are not so strong. Who one communicates with depends on those agreements made. For not all have agreements to communicate with any  advisors other than those within the astral, while others have agreements to communicate only with those upon the mental. For the questioner do we see primary agreements with self and those who would be astral guides. Also is there one who would come through from the lower causal if the agreement to create a channel were invoked.

The mechanics of communication are merely a shifting of focus, so that the physical world no longer predominates the life. Then is the attention or focus on the astral or other level. It is through this shifted focus that the information comes. For us (IML and ourselves), the connections grow stronger and her (IML’s) attachment to the physical less, so that the shifting of focus becomes almost automatic—something she can do without thought or awareness. For others does it require more practice and concentration, for giving up the physical focus causes much fear and so becomes a struggle rather than a natural act.

Some so fear the loss of control that occurs when personality is set aside that they fight against themselves so as to retain their focus in the here and now. They must allow the mind to quiet, so that the guides may speak; however, they most often create so much inner noise that the voices of their guides become lost in all the confusion.


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