Is chanting necessary when meditating?

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Q:  Is it important or necessary for someone to chant or create symbols (such as pentagrams and the like) in order to contact their guides?

A:  The chanting or repetitious vocalizations of a name or phrase or even meaningless sounds is not what makes the connection. But rather does this practice cause ego to be distracted. Then can essence “commune” with self (higher) or any of their guides.

The same is true of any truly repetitive action or device. Beating a drum in a slow rhythmic manner would assuage the moving center and allow ego to step aside while essence then came forward to commune with those it needed to.

Meditation is the focusing of energies, that this can occur through the chanting of names or phrases, or through the beating of drums or cymbals or bells, or through the rhythmic breathing of yoga movements is true, for the result is the same—the distraction of ego so that essence may “drive”.

Some would focus upon crystals, or listen to the sounds of water flowing, or breathe in rhythmic ways, or continuously toss dice or runes. The rituals are used to aid in the distraction of ego, they are not always needed, nor is it necessary to follow them exactly each time by all participants. For some may find the beating of drums distracting not quieting. Others may find the sounds of the ocean stimulating, not meditative. Each must find their own way in which to move aside ego, and allow essence its guidance.

Those who follow rituals without knowing why they do so, will rarely achieve that which they seek. For without understanding the purpose for the ritual, will the energies not be focused except on the ritual. The ritual is **not** the focus. The focus is the allowing of essence to commune with self or those guides or teachers not of self. So focusing on the ritual will teach you much about memorization and repetition, but it will gain you little in terms of awareness.

If, when given a ritual to follow, the only reason offered for following same, is “that it has always been”, do we recommend analyzing the pieces that comprise the ritual so as to discern what it was the originators were truly trying to accomplish. For the pieces of rituals can offer guidance as to their purpose, even if those perpetuating the rituals no longer remember or understand why they do them.

To stand in a circle or star and move hands up and down is but a way to distract the moving center. The sitting and staring upon a candle or fine crystal, is but a way to distract the intellectual center The repetitious vocalizations of names or phrases is the distraction of the emotional center. Those that would practice ritualized breathing techniques are also looking to distract both the emotional and the moving centers.

So, there is always some purpose, but most times has it been lost in the zealousness of preserving the ritual itself. So rather than follow a ritual, do we recommend finding those techniques of distraction that tend to work for you, and to use the one(s) appropriate for the moment and the need.


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