Does Praying Work?

prayer-publicQ: Does saying prayers really work; such as for healing or improving a situation or whatever?

A: We see the art of payer as accomplishing two objectives. The first is that it helps those who would pray to focus their energies. The second objective met is that of clearing ego and allowing a clearer communication with essence.

That this can help bring about the desired change is true. For much can be gained through a focusing of energies, and from a clearer pathway that allows essence the opportunity to make its choices known to that physical mind and ego.

By indulging in a group prayer, can much be accomplished. For the focus of energies causes a clearing of the pathways, thereby allowing essence a better/less encumbered opportunity in directing the situation towards that goal which they seek.

Most often does the prayer(s) move aside ego, thereby allowing essence to move easily follow those choices most sought by essence. That the pathway may suddenly seem smoother, easier, less troubled is because ego no longer is leading, attempting to direct the life in opposition to the goals of essence. That most attribute the “sudden” ease to the interventions of God, angels, or other deified bodies, is true. However, the truth is merely that essence has control now of the life.

Those indulging in a group prayer for another whose life seems troubled, do also create a “difference”. For through their focused energies can they affect enough of a change to allow (again) essence to move forward and aid the troubled one toward that goal/path most wanted to follow. Or if the one being prayed for is ill, can the focused energies create a vortex in which essence can decide whether the lesson has been learned and so will allow the body to heal.

If however, the lesson would continue, then the focused energies bring about calm, insight, comfort, and feelings of loving support to that one who is sick. That this is good works is true, and always greatly appreciated by essence, whether it would be healed or not.

We see the use of “negative” prayers as also holding some power. For again, is it a focusing of energies. That the energies directed seek to harm or frighten another, makes little difference. For energy focused at another can, if allowed to do so, create much hurt or much good. It is based first upon the intentions of those who would direct the prayer(s), and secondly on those toward whom the prayer(s) are directed. For if they refuse to accept either those energies of a positive or negative intent, then will the energies create little or no impact. For it always is the choice of those involved as to how or what their lives shall be.

If the one at whom the energies are directed, is weak of body or physical mind, then might the energies focused upon them override their choices, thereby affecting further their physical condition. If it was not their choice to be healed, yet a healing focus was given, then might a debt be incurred. Also is it true that if a death was not intended, and the focused energies do indeed inflict more harm, including death, that this might also engender a debt. For when weakened while within the physical plane, is it possible to override another’s energies and choices with your own. However, this is to take responsibility away from another without their choosing you to do so. Therefore, does it make you indebted to them.

For you, by giving them health or illness/death, have gone against their choices and so do you now owe them. So, although prayers are little more than focused energies, care should be taken before invoking them for any purpose, unless sought by the one who would be focused upon.



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