The Akashic Records

researchQ:  If you view the information on the Akashic record aren’t you bypassing the lessons and experiences that you wanted to have, because supposedly the Akashic record has all the information—past, future, possibilities…?

A:  The Akashic records contains all the experiences of every fragment, essence, and entity in all dimensions, all worlds, and all realities.

When viewed by you, would you find them showing only that information that impacts the current life you know as yours, but any meaningful ‘future’ events would be without conclusions. This is because not all the choices have yet been made by you. You might see that in 10 years (of your time) you are to meet someone with whom you have agreements to marry. This in no way changes your life or limits your choices, because you do not have to partake of the meeting if you do not wish to; nor do you need to marry the person if you do meet with him or her. The choices are always yours to make. Knowing what is planned, does not alter that; it only aids you in understanding why or what, so that you might make more essence-driven choices, rather than reactionary, ego-driven choices.

For those on the physical plane, the Akashic record shows those pasts (experiences) already had, and those experiences ‘planned,’ but not yet completed. More than that it cannot do, for there is no destiny or fate, there is only choice, and until the choices are made, there is no way to ‘predict’ what you or any other fragment might do.

Even we do not predict. We merely point out the choices made, the choices possible, and the paths you have built or started to build based on those choices. These are not predictions, it is the stating of what is obvious to any who would observe the information contained within their aura. So, no, perusing the Akashic records does not mean that you have bypassed or avoided experiences or lessons; it only means that you have more information with which to decide whether to complete a lesson or experience.



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