What is Karma?

meditation_blueFrom the dictionary:

Karma: The cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’s deeds in the previous incarnation. Cause and effect; actions and reactions.

Alt: The good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something; the positive/negative action that brings upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation. In Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.

Synomyns: fate; destiny; kismet.

A: The term karma has derived many meanings over time and no longer conveys fully the true nature of what it is we mean when we use it to describe the imbalances—which is a more comprehensive term now—that might create a karmic bond. The term ‘karma’ implies a need to correct something; however, we say it is not a correction, but only a pandimensional fact that balance will occur. All things seek balance. Therefore, when an action, event, learning experience, thought, emotion, or idea promotes imbalance, then is karma (an imbalance) created.

We see karma as being one unit consisting of an event and a reaction to the event. If the result of the action/reaction (idea/counter idea, emotion/emotion, thought/response, etc.) is one that creates imbalance, then is karma created. For instance, if you hit Ken and Ken hits you back, there is imbalance (two poor choices do not make a positive event). If you hit Ken and he loves you anyway, then is there no karma, for your negative action has met a positive response and becomes a neutral event.

There are also self-karmas: You dislike fat people, so you treat them poorly in your current life. If you grasp the lesson and begin to treat them as you would be treated yourself, then there is no karma. Otherwise, in your next life will you be overweight and treated poorly so that you may understand.

Karma is a small word for a large truth. Fear and love are opposites, and between them lies acceptance. It is the same with positive and negative, for they are opposites, and between them lies neutrality. Between all extremes is balance, and it is balance that all energy seeks.

To think that karma is fate, destiny, or kismet, only means that one is allowing the cords created by imbalances and agreements to direct the life rather than making conscious choices about how the life shall occur. All of life flows in a sort of pattern, if patterns are looked for. Yet, none of those patterns are unknown. You either weave your life consciously or unconsciously—with knowledge and awareness or without.

That all imbalances need to be returned to balance is true; however, all imbalances created on the physical plane do not have to be returned to balance on the physical plane. Some imbalances can be acknowledged and the accompanying lessons ‘learned’ on the astral level. It is only those ‘lessons’ that are strictly of the physical plane that must be returned to balance on the physical plane. One cannot understand prejudice of body size on the astral plane; that is something that must be experienced in a physical reality. However, one can acknowledge emotional imbalances on the astral plane, since that is a plane where emotions are experienced more fully than on the physical plane.

Imbalances can and do occur on all planes at all levels. This is why the law of balance is a pandimensional one.

Cords or bonds created by karma (imbalances) or agreements, lessons, etc. are not karma. They are merely the means by which humans connect with those they seek during a lifetime. If you would try to achieve balance with one you are out of balance with, will you knowingly or unknowingly follow the cords or links. Once you reconnect with the person, do you then have the chance to regain balance. In some cases additional imbalances are created and additional links or cords are then forged; but sometimes balance is re-established and the cord is then dissolved.

Cords, links, and bonds are simply a tool to help each soul manage their connections and responsibilities. They can also help you identify who, what, and why. Meditation can allow you to read the information contained within the cords, thereby giving you the knowledge to meet the lesson or experience with awareness. But this is a choice made through awareness.


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