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NDEs: Why do some people have positive experiences, while others don’t? And why do some people remember nothing?

The experience each person has is dependent on several factors, the first being the mood or emotional state of the person who died. If the person is filled with fear and anger, such as in the case of a suicide, then will their experience most likely be a negative one. But even that is not 100% true. For the experience is also dependent on the lesson or reason for the NDE. If, for instance, the person wishes to gain a greater awareness or enlightenment from the experience, then might they invoke a positive or negative experience despite their mood and emotional state. For it would depend on the impact needed to bring the awareness to bear. If they feel that a loving experience will bring the awareness that they seek to gain, then that is what they will invoke. However, if they feel that fear will work better, than that is what they will invoke. For those whose NDE brings no memories and no awareness, would we surmise that the NDE was not sought by them but rather was it caused by someone or something beyond their control, and it was not an experience that they wished to have. Therefore, in order to retain the chosen overleaves and life choices, will they experience little more than a blankness. For this will allow them to maintain the chosen life with no “great awakening” or shift of awareness.

All NDEs are unique to the individual and are usually experienced as part of a life lesson. And each person having the experience will only gain awareness as allowed by them. For instance, one whose beliefs run to angels may only be willing to extend their experience enough to allow a particular lesson through, one that required the intervention of “angels,” while another person may require assurances of continued existence and so may experience an extension of Earth, while even others may need to experience the “punishment” that they believe is due them over some long-carried guilt. All versions of death and near death–Heaven, Hell, Earth, and Lunatic Asylum–are valid if that is what the viewer wishes to experience, for each person who chooses to have an NDE does so to gain experience, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Birth, life, and death – even those deaths that are not “permanent” – occur because they are part of the physical experience. They all contribute to the being that is you, and they all help us (all) to become a more complete being.


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