Q:  Am I truly the same as essence? The way I see it is essence is this other being and I am only a fragment or tiny portion of. The particular energy (fragment) that is me doesn’t really reincarnate, but only returns to the main essence. Essence will send another fragment of itself for other lives, but not the same particular energy (fragment) that is me. I’m sure I will have access to the broad spectrum of other fragments that originate from the same essence, but THIS is truly the only life I will live here in the physical world. Is that accurate?

A: The core of your being, what is referred to as the soul, the ka, the being that is you, is what we refer to as ‘essence.’ That piece of essence, which constitutes the whole you is but a fragment of a larger entity. It is the entity to which you return. Fragments of an entity may incarnate or not as they wish; however, once they incarnate the cycle of life begins and may require many incarnations to finish. Rarely will a fragment incarnate only once, for rarely does a fragment create no impression on their world or others in the world–and it is not just other humans. Karma, or imbalances, can be created between human and nature, too; therefore, unless born into a life where you immediately die, do you often create imbalances within the family, tribe, village, land, forest, and any other touchpoints you may have during your life.

The fragment that is you will have many lives in the physical world; however, this may be the only life in the current reality, in the current now to be experienced by this fragment. Each fragment lives as many or as few lives as is necessary to learn the lesson or lessons needed/wanted to by the fragment. Once learned, the lessons are available for all fragments of the entity. Fragments share what they know, what they experience, with the entity from which they come. Each fragment can (and does) learn from entity mates, which then allows them a greater awareness of life without having to experience the lessons themselves, unless they wish to.



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