The Subtle Choices We All Make

confusedmanQ:  You talk about making the choice and the path being there. But sometimes you say a path is viable yet no choice was made.

But a choice was made; just as many more [choices] are being made. Every choice you make, from getting up at 6:00 or 6:15 a.m., to whether you will work on the report or go to the meeting, contribute to the building of your paths. There are certain key decisions that you make that will focus your direction, but all the choices (you make) contribute to the overall path.

You become dissatisfied with your job and that choice to be dissatisfied starts the creation of another path (or 2 or 3) that allow you to remain dissatisfied, to move to another job, or to quit without another position to go to. You then continue building your path(s) by making more and more choices until you make that key choice—to quit, or stay, or to find another job. Then does only one of the paths become real. So you may make choices that build the path of dissatisfaction, and then make choices that build the path of going to a new job. But until you actually choose what it is you would do, are none of the paths truly real. If you choose to do nothing, then are you selecting to remain at that company in a job you have decided to dislike, therefore, does the path of staying remain (your path), and the others pass away from your reality, because you did not select them. They are real, yes, but not in your life. Rather are they paths followed by alternate yours in alternate realities.

So there is no way to miss a path, not see a path, or choose a wrong path, because when you choose your actions or reactions, you choose your path.

You think of getting married, so do you begin the building of a path for that purpose, but until you decide whether to actually marry or not, will the path not become a reality. And if you decide not to marry, then does the path never become a reality in your time line, but rather does it become an alternate time line with an alternate you (a version of your life that you opted not to experience).

All this happens instantaneously. Most choices you are not even aware of making, yet they all contribute to the entire you, you recognize as self. For instance, if you choose to not brush your teeth, you think of what little matter that is. Yet it is but one small choice that begins to build a path that leads to the eventual removal of all your teeth and the replacing of them with dentures. That the path can be altered, is true, but if the majority of your choices contribute toward that path started, then it does become real. You may only skip one day, in which case, that path previously mentioned will never achieve reality in your life. However, it is the compilation of those types of choices, mostly ignored, that contribute to the overall life.

Many choices are made through habit, others through fear, and some through love. But each choice is just one more paving stone along the path you build called your life.


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