Touching the soul

Q:  What does it mean – seeing around corners, and what does it mean to “touch your soul”?

A: First you must remember that life is not a punishment, although it may seem as such. The goal of any individual is to fulfill the life that they chose. However, as with all things, choices are made that can and often do change how that life will be completed.

Dying is the letting go of preconceptions, prejudices, and negativity. Dying is about being who you are, accepting who you are, and acknowledging that you are not better than others. You are your choices, and they are all good.

While physical vision is primarily focused in straight lines, spiritual vision can “see” things in a less restrictive manner. Therefore, when one is using their spiritual vision to see, they can see “around corners”.

Spiritual vision is available to those whose awareness levels are heightened beyond physical limitations. In other words, they are no longer filtering everything through their physical senses, nor limiting their perceptions by filtering everything through their physical mind’s restrictions. Ego is set aside or mostly set aside, and information not usually perceived because of those restrictions is now acknowledged.

The spiritual realm is always there – astral, mental, buddhic, all planes of existence – yet the physical body and ego restrict what you will recognize as real. As spirituality or [true] self-awareness expands, you begin to “see” part of those other realms.

People nearing death sometimes allow themselves to see beyond the physical world and into the astral plane. As ego loosens its hold, [true] self-awareness grows and fears are released. With each fear that is released, the inner light grows and so shines its light into the “corners” that were before hidden from view. When all the fears are gone, so too is the body physical, and then the ethereal body moves into the light more fully.

Touching the soul is the art of experiencing your own uniqueness. It requires a reaching inward to see the light of who you truly are. It is an awareness of self on a deeply spiritual level. It primarily occurs during moments of great stress, such as might occur when one is close to death or when experiences an event in their life that is so outside of their mental model that they must recreate their own inner structure [ego]. However, some people can teach themselves to do this [touch the soul], thereby experiencing the light of loving acceptance when needed.

Touching the soul can help alleviate anger, but more will it ease any sorrows that consume you. It helps you understand that you are not alone; that you are loved, if only by yourself. Do not let the sorrows of self or others eat your light; rather let your light help them be free. Love self; love others; love is key.

Acknowledging the light is acknowledging self, for once the physical restrictions are removed, do you see yourself as you are. You are light and music; you are loving acceptance and loving awareness. It is only once freed of the [physical] body do you finally see yourself truly. In the light, all things are possible. In the light, all things are loved.


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