Growth and the 7 Modes

meditation_lotusblossomQ: How might each of the 7 modes work with the goal of growth?

A: A goal of growth is chosen to move you ‘forward’; to help you progress along whatever path it is you have chosen. However, the ‘distance’ and ‘speed’ are determined, in large part, by the mode in which you implement your goal.

Growth and the action modes will see a lot of movement unless working from the negative poles (belligerence and immutability). Both will work to hold growth in check so that little or no growth occurs. If, however, the positive poles are used, then will the path to comprehension or confusion be dynamic or continual, as persistence will cause you push forward no matter what. Persistence can be a positive thing, giving you the strength and endurance to continue no matter what; however, it can also cause immutability if one become stuck and refuses to find another way (such as persisting in attempting to climb a wall rather than seeking another way past that wall). Selecting aggression (specifically belligerence) will also give you movement as you bully your way through to your goal.

The power mode brings high energy to all endeavors; while caution brings a wariness and uneasiness (much fear). Those in power mode will clarify the rules or create confusion. They will seek to understand and expand the rules and laws or they will attempt to control everything and everyone much as a micromanager would. Caution mode will prevent growth at all levels. If combined at the negative poles, there will be confusion and extreme fear of everything. Combined at the positive poles, deliberation will continue as the person seeks comprehension; however, fear will keep the comprehension from occurring.

The passion mode brings much flair and emotionalism to even the simplest of life’s tasks; while repression turns that emotionalism inward. Passion mode will create a path of growth (or confusion) that is filled with drama. So while forward movement (awareness and comprehension) may occur, it will be hard to discern at times being so swaddled in drama and fear as to be almost completely hidden. Repression, much like caution, will block most (if not all) growth. Repression mode will also bring to bear much pressure to act out of the negative poles of inhibition and confusion.

Growth (comprehension) combined with observation (clarity) can bring the most awareness unless other overleaves block the way. Surveillance, however, will not aid your growth, but neither will it hinder you unless other overleaves combine to hold you back. This is because surveillance is a stagnating-type overleave, leaving one stuck in place rather than gaining any insights. Those in observation will note everything happening around them, but most likely wait until the next life to implement all that they note.


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