Words Hurt

words_hurtQ: Is it really harmful when someone constantly mocks you? Such as when a parent constantly tells a child they are a klutz, or when you tell yourself things like that?

It all depends on the intent behind the words as they literally can cause injury. Most people can sense the difference between those statements of negative intent and those merely spoken in haste or mistake. Most remarks made without intent are followed quickly by feelings of remorse and guilt, while those made with the intent of hurting the other person, are not. Rather does the hurtful person usually feel a perverse sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. That this is ego’s way of patting self on the back is true, as essence would never seek to harm another.

Words can also cause ego to doubt self. If someone is told something repeatedly and often enough, then eventually will they come to believe it. It becomes as fixed in their reality as any building or wall. This is also true of you telling yourself something. If you constantly refer to yourself as clumsy, you soon believe it to be true and find that you can accomplish nothing without stumbling or tripping or otherwise acting out in a manner which you have come to call ‘your clumsiness’.

If a parent or a spouse tells their child or their mate that they are worthless, then that, too, becomes part of that child’s or spouse’s reality. They soon believe it of themselves and so will find ways to continually reinforce this belief about themselves. Better is it to tell yourself that you are worthy; that you are beautiful; or that you are graceful, as this positive energy then reinforces the belief in yourself.

This is also one of the ways in which you can overcome your chief feature. If you recognize that you are impatient, then should you tell yourself that you are patient—and believe it. The positive energy can help you overcome the stumbling block, because the more you believe that you are patient, the more will you be.

It is a simple concept, yes, but it does depend on the intentions behind the words. To merely repeat the words without positive intentions will work, but it will take most of the life to do so.

If you say the words but believe them not, then will nothing occur or will you simply reinforce the already negative energies that surround you. You must believe that you can change self and then change self. Nothing holds you in place more solidly then self. If you fear to challenge your status quo, then will you fail to supply the positive intentions along with the words.


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