Why do they call it “home”?

Q: Why do people think of the astral planes as “home”?

A: The reference is primarily due to the soul’s need to reestablish self within a framework that it considers “normal”. Although [the soul is] part of the physical plane now (or was at the time of the reference), the memory remains of a place wherein the soul was less fragmented.

Each soul is part of a larger whole, and for those who think of or refer to the astral planes as “home” the majority of the “pieces” or fragments of that [soul] comprising their entirety exist there in the astral. Some [fragments] may have never incarnated, some have completed their lives, and others may be readying to be born. However, at the moment most of them are not incarnate and so do you, when you visit the astral planes, feel their presence and their unconditional love for you.

Each soul or entity looking to experience physical life starts by researching and observing from the astral planes. The soul then fragments into the number of pieces needed for the various incarnations wanted.

The term “fragment” or “piece” explains not the situation in a precise manner. However, it does explain how each of the beings in awareness feels. The soul is not torn, ripped, or in any way broken into pieces; however, the focus of the entity that is you is fractured so that there is no longer a single focus or single “soul”, but now is there a multitude of identities and souls being attended and focused upon. Each identity is just another perspective, a different level of awareness, and a separate focus of the overall being that is you.

The awareness, the focus remains fragmented until all lives on the physical and all reviews on the astral planes are completed. Once this is done, then can the integration of the “pieces” be brought together and the focus return to one soul, one awareness. At each level or plane of existence is there an integration, a merging together of those pieces of awareness that need to become one awareness, one focus. The ultimate integration is that with the Tao. This is the integration that all souls strive for, for this is the integration from which all started. From the Tao do all things start, and to the Tao do all things return.


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