Do dates or ages have significance?

calendarQ: Do certain dates or ages have any significance, globally or universally? Such as the big noise about the 12/21/2012 date?

A: Dates, like ages, may have personal, regional, societal, or cultural significance; however, they rarely have global or universal significance.

When we refer to ages or age ranges in our explanations – such as the age ranges used when we described the seven internal monads and when they might occur – we do so to supply the necessary framework for those who read our words. Without the framework, there is little understanding of when such monads might occur, but these are guidelines, and in no way indicate that any particular age has more meaning than another.

If the questioner feels the need to find significance in a particular age or date, then we say that is their choice. But also is it their choice to ignore, overlook, or disregard said date or age.

Ages and dates are a means of measuring time, which is in itself an affectation of the physical plane. Therefore, dates and ages only have meaning within the physical plane and are measured and recorded differently according to cultural, societal, and national norms. This in itself makes it almost impossible for one date or one age to hold any type of global or universal importance since dates and ages are not global nor universal.


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