Does history really repeat itself?

Q: Michael mentioned that history seems to be in 2000 year cycles, could they elaborate on this?

Answer: That life cycles through a 2000 year loop is due to the various combinations of socio-political, socio-economic configurations that are needed and wanted in which to play out the various lives. Therefore, does it appear (to you) as if history repeats itself. For it takes approximately 2000 of your years to cycle through the permutations created by all the choices made until the same socio-political, socio-economical pattern can emerge again.

Therefore, do you now echo that era in Roman history wherein Augustus pushed his ideals on those outlying areas around Rome, in his attempts to convert everyone to his way of thinking. So did your president seek to do the same.

While internally Rome struggled with those trying to grow from 2nd to 3rd cycle, so does your country struggle to move from 3rd to 4th.

They also struggled with a variation of AIDs as well as a deadly strain of influenza, and an erratic weather front making it difficult to stockpile enough food for everyone. The corruption within their Senate and political system was as rampant and deleterious as that which you face now in your own country.

So do you see, that while you exist in this here and now, do you echo those same social, political, and economic issues that plagued the leading power base (Rome) 2000 years ago. It is simply a larger version, a more comprehensive version, of a monad. A template that is used to establish the “play” thus is the structure supplied so that the “players” (you, all of you) can then live your lives and make your choices.

So it is the basic structure that repeats, just as the smaller monads repeat. In this instance, the monad is more global, affecting all those within the world. There are nearly as many global templates or monads as there are external and internal ones. For the monads (whether global, external, or internal) simply give the play a structure. How you (all of you) use those structures is your choice.

The structures have to do with socio-political and socio-economic statuses. For instance, there are 12 different structures involving a democratic country (the US) where there are 2 predominant political parties. There is one where both parties are equal, one where each of the different parties is strongest, another where only a handful of people have wealth and everyone else is catastrophically poor, one where the wealth is divided more equally, and still others where no one is wealthy. There are structures where in order to vote, you must own a business, or have served or be serving in the military, or own land. There are structures where democracy doe not exist anywhere in the world, and there are structures where religion is the predominant power base and no one but the church can own property, vote or create laws.

All of these structures can be made national or global and each of you then must decide which of these structures or templates you would use for each of your lives. For on a global scale are there lessons. If one nation creates an imbalance through their actions, then will they need to face a similar situation in reverse. So if the United States is an aggressor and abuses its “powers”, will it need to face the aggression of some other nation(s) in order to achieve balance.

So always is there the basic structure and the play, which unfolds around it, and most times do each of these plays’ cycles last approximately 2000 years. Hence, our reference to the 2000 year cycle of history.


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