Coming soon…

Hey folks, sorry I was gone so long, but I have been busy…busy writing, in fact. I’m almost done with a book that anyone who’s been reading my blog postings for the past 2.5 years will be sure to find fascinating.

It’s about a psychopomp, an escort to the dead. (And no I don’t mean a hooker who plies her trade to zombies…although that does sound like an interesting story. Maybe I’ll work on that next…). In fact, it’s called:

It’s sort of autobiographical, and contains topics that I’ve touched on here in my blog many times. In the book I talk about the after life and what really awaits us when we die. I discuss what the astral plane is really like, what each of the 7 levels of the astral plane are for, the types of things you can learn and accomplish while there, and what the process of dying is like.

If someone close to you has died recently or is dying, you will find this book very informative, uplifting, and (I hope) helpful. (Was that a plug…yeah, I guess it was…but you can’t blame me;-) I’m very proud of this book, and I can’t wait to get it out there in the hands of my readers, friends, and anyone else who might find it interesting.

So, please forgive me my long silence, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on this latest endeavor.


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