Does TV violence cause violence on the streets?

Q: Do you think that TV and movies have caused the violence in our society? (refer to the Student violence in schools posting)

A:  We do not perceive that, no. Nor did we state this. What we see is a continuous looping. For your society influences its peoples, and your peoples influence the various medias, and the media’s influence the people, who then influence their societies. What is seen or heard as entertainment reflects that which is already occurring. For the sex and violence are not “imaginary”, they have already been made viable and manifest within your world.

What is “missing” from the “loop”, is the taking of responsibility. What we see is the feelings or desires of wanting all people to have access to all information, and this is good works. However, information and how it is presented has become a commodity, and those responsible for its presentation have abdicated that responsibility to pursue the course of money, power, or recognition, for they find the immediacy of these rewards more gratifying than the self-satisfaction received when they deliver information in a balanced and responsible way. That way garners not the accolades, nor establishes the fear-response wanted from those they would entice into viewing their information.

For even the presenting of the traffic has become a competition in dramatics and fear-inducement, as the more drama added to the presentation, the more are those emotionally centered, and ego-driven most likely to become “audience” to the information. For most within those nations of technology, has that commodity called news become more entertainment than information, as they would create much drama around the common events of the day. That is why you would see little influence gained by those who present more truth-based information rather than those who submerge the truth within an ocean of drama. Most would prefer the drama, for it feeds better their fear-driven egos.


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