Which rules are right?

Q:  There seem to be two sets of “rules” for physics—those that apply to the macro world and those that apply to the quantum or micro world. Which set of rules are right?

A:  Both sets are right…as far as they go. Neither set of rules are complete, for none of those who would peer into their microscopes and write their calculations have grasped the fullness of things. They fail to look beyond the reality in which they exist, so the full measure of how the universes work has yet to be fully understood.

The two sets of rules are not mutually exclusive. They fit together much like a cog and wheel assembly. There is another, middle dimension that they have yet to comprehend that does help these two work together. This middle layer contains gravity and time (both of which are static and non-moving). They act as the connection points between the micro world and the macro world. Once this is understood, will your scientists then have the ability to manipulate the different energy layers rearranging matter in ways that might now seem magical.

Until all the “rules” are understood, matter is dense and unyielding. However, once understood, will man be able to rearrange the micro levels of matter so that the macro object can overcome gravity or time. This will allow the creation of transporters that transcend time and space, or the creation of tools that can move objects that should weigh tons, but whose structure is rearranged making them weigh less than a feather.


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