ESP and entanglement…

Q: Is ESP real, or is it just all a big con?

A: The ability to know or see beyond the normal [physical] senses is very real; however, it is rarely acknowledged as true. This is because ESP does not occur at the macro levels; more is it something that occurs at the microcosmic layers of each person.

Energies become entangled and particles are exchanged. When the emotionally charged particles of Person A trigger, they also trigger where entangled with Person B. Therefore, is Person B able to “know” what Person A is feeling even when both are miles apart. The same is true of mental energies or physical energies, or any of the other energy centers of the body.

For instance, a mother gives birth, and at that moment are all levels of the infant’s energies entangled with the mother—emotional, physical, mental, creative/sexual, spiritual, communicational, and base. All of these centers are entangled, so that if the child cries out, the mother understands what the child needs or wants. If the child is restless, the mother knows. If the child is hungry, again, the mother simply knows.

As the child grows, certain of the entangled energies release, for no longer do the pair (mother and child) need such a close binding. For instance, when the child reaches (on average) the ages between 14 and 20, most of the entanglements are dropped, or at least exchanged for ones less invasive. So, while the parent may still be entangled emotionally, rarely are the entanglements of physicality, creativity/sexuality, or base left. Communicational and mental entanglements may continue, but usually are there limitations put on them so that they only “work” when in close proximity. This is all by choice, however, and so does each person choose to leave different combinations of entanglements at various levels of intensity with different members of their families, friends, co-workers, and lovers.

Entanglement is a fact and a truth, not only in your world, but in all worlds, for energy can always be shared and redistributed, but consciousness/sentience cannot be obliterated. Each particle of your awareness is you, and so responds as you would, just as each part of “John’s” awareness is “John” and so reacts as “John” would.

Your awareness is not dependent on your physicality or on how cohesive your body is or is not. Sentience and awareness are more than that; they extend beyond that. Your focus can be as broad as the universe or as tight as the smallest particle of physical matter. It is that focus that creates and sustains life, for without it, all matter exists but does not live.

So, look to quantum science and quantum mechanics if you would understand why it is that one person senses another’s desires although both are separated by distance or other barriers.

Q: What do you mean by “…no matter how cohesive your body is or is not…”?

A:  The physical form may be pulled apart at the molecular level; however, the awareness that is you will continue. It does not “live” in any one molecule, or point of [physical] matter. Awareness/sentience is the underlying energy that gives matter its reality. Without awareness, matter does not exist. Without awareness, reality (as you recognize it) does not exist. Therefore, do you exist outside of your physical form.


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