What about hair and eye colors?

Q: Do certain hair and eye color combinations go with specific body types?

A: The colorations of hair or skin or eyes has little to do with body type, except that certain body types have become more preferred in certain countries or regions. Therefore, they have become the most predominant and have become associated with certain other coloring traits. For instance, certain regions in Italy have predominantly chosen mars or venus figures and so the body types become associated with the darker hair and light eyes of that region. But coloring comes from the parentage selected not from the body type; although that, too, is influenced at least in part, by the parent’s genes. The body type, though, can be selected and since the genetic pattern for all body types is available in the matter that comprises physicality, then the genetic pattern for the body type desired can be selected by the fragment while the body is in utero. This, then, puts the desired body type in predominance, allowing the fragment the body type selection desired.

It is for the experience, for only in the physical plane does the matter of tallness or largeness matter. In all other planes, this is not an issue, nor can it be experienced. So to gain the experience and experiment with diversity and opposites, do you select from the various body types or create/blend one from a synthesis of different body types. You might select the shortness of mars, with the agility of mercury, and the symmetry of venus, or you might choose the commanding presence of jupiter. This was Napoleon’s “trick”. The young king had selected mars and jupiter. This 3rd cycle king then had not only the charisma of the king role, but also the commanding presence of the jupiter body type even though he had the stature of mars.

Q:  If someone chooses both mars and saturn, what happens?

A:  We would either find a very lithe and agile stocky short person, or a very tall and stocky person. It would depend on the predominance of the choices. If saturn were predominant, then the height would be “normal” or tall with the stocky features of the mars. If mars were predominant, then the height would be short with the agility and litheness of the saturn.


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