Tell us about the body types

Q: Can you tell us about the different body types?

A:  We see there being seven body types, and like centerings, they can be combined with one being predominant.

The astrological characteristics of the body type affect the vibrational range of the role. A solar scholar will vibrate at the middle of the scholar range, where a mars scholar will tend toward the lower range, as the mars body type is more associated with the earth and being grounded then is the solar body type.

The body types correspond to the particular planetary bodies they are named after because they (the body types and the planetary bodies) vibrate within the same frequency. The moon has certain vibratory frequencies and those with the moon body type emulate that frequency range. That is the only significance of the naming convention used. We could have easily called them round faced body type, or symmetrical body type, but we did not name them, we only report the information regarding them to you.

The solar body type is the synthesis of all characteristics of all body types. It is a distillation of the best features blended into one. It is a balance of all types and is usually found in the middle ranges of vibrations for the given role.

The mars type is earthy, and usually short, stocky, and quite athletic. The link to the earth causes it to vibrate at the lower frequencies of any given role.

The mercury body type is quick, agile, facile, and has a high vibrational rate, which is another significator of its lightening like quickness.

The moon body type is round and full, at least in the face, and is calm, placid, and less active in a physical way than many other body types. This, then, is one of the lowest vibrational rates for any role.

The jupiter body type is large–we do not mean obese, but large. They are usually tall and massive, much like your largest football players. Their very physical presence dominates a room or event. They vibrate at the highest of the low-end  or the lowest of the middle range.

The saturn body type is lithe, tall (sometimes to the extreme) with a thin to medium build. Their vibrational rate is at the low-end of the higher rates or the higher-end of the middle range.

The venus type is what was termed the hour-glass-figure for women, or for men it indicates a symmetrical body–the same size above as below. They vibrate at the middle of the upper ranges.

As we have stated many times, the body type will be one in predominance with another combined. You, questioner, are predominantly venus with a secondary of mars. The king-cast warrior in your group is mars with a secondary of mercury, and the warrior-cast priest who is the third member of your group is mercury with a secondary of mars. Do you see how that places your vibrational patterns in close range to one another? This facilitates the ease with which you work with each other. For if one had an extremely high frequency, and another an extremely low one, the discomfort would be quite palpable. It is the primary cause of the discomfort and disquiet felt when someone of average or shorter than average height encounters someone extremely tall. The vibrational rates “abrade” and cause each to be distinctly uncomfortable in the other’s presence.

It is only the solar body type that rarely comes with a secondary body type, for that is the synthesis of all. Also, as with all things, any of these types can be taken to extremes. The saturn type can be so tall as to be unwieldy and considered unusual, just as the mars can be so short as to be considered extremely abnormal in your society.

This is all choice, and it is all part of the experience of the physical plane, for nowhere else does the size and shape of a physical casing matter except on the physical plane.


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