Are certain ages of any significance?

Q:  I was told by an astrologer that reaching my 45th birthdays was significant. Does the 45th birthday hold any cosmic significance?

A: The age of 45 holds no significance that we are aware of; however, to those who would follow astrology it has significance, as it does to those of numerology. In astrology does it signify a new start or the chance at “rebirth”, for the planets much align to their originating positions, the positions held when the person was born. In numerology does the age total 9, this being the indicator of spiritual life and awareness. So for those believing in numerology does it make a difference.

In our observations no particular numeric age indicator holds any significance unless the individual wants it to. For some the act of passing the 25th birthday becomes a traumatic point; for others it becomes a relief; yet, still others dread 30 or 50. Therefore, no particular age is any worse or any better than another, except to the person living the particular life. Then the [numeric] ages become important when and if the person wants them to. Otherwise, the ages are just another indicator of physical world time, a concept that only exists in your plane.


2 thoughts on “Are certain ages of any significance?

  1. Phyllis

    When I was young, I always wanted to be 35–for some reason I thought that was the perfect age. When I got there though, I wanted to be young again. No age is perfect.

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