Do people time travel?

Q:  Do people really vanish into thin air? And if so, what really happened to them?

A: People who seemingly disappear into thin air are those that focus themselves into a different reality or time line (if you will). They shift their frequency either knowingly or “accidentally”–that is, without the acknowledgment of personality.

Some of these events occur because they wish to be where they end up (these are the ones who say they were born out of time and/or place). In this case, they are looking and trying to shift focus to move themselves where they (personality and essence) feel they should be. When the shift occurs, the mystification and confusion are short-lived, for essence intended for this to occur and the comfort level in the new reality is quite high, both in essence and personality.

Others may not, in personality, intend to be in a different reality, but, nevertheless, find themselves shifted. This is because for whatever reason, essence has decided that the shift is needed. It could be that the person made a major decision against the desires of essence and this is essence’s way of shifting the life plan back. Essence may have fought long to get its way as some people are very stuck with personality and will not listen to essence no matter what. This “shifting”, then, is the only recourse if essence is going to achieve the goals and experiences that it set forth to do.

Essence may “hurry” the shift along by searching out and going to a particular area. There are highly magnetic areas on the planet, and encountering certain of these can cause a person’s vibrational rate to shift. This then allows a person to “accidentally” find themself walking into that other reality. There is no harm physically caused in these shiftings, but most are quite confused emotionally and mentally. These are the ones you may sometimes hear “crying out” through the “nothingness”. What they are really doing is calling out through the shift point which may remain “open” for a day or more. 

Q: If they remain open, could someone accidentally fall through who doesn’t want to shift realities?

A: No–you would probably not “fall” through should you encounter this point. It takes the desire of essence to shift the focus of the body and the vibrational frequency of both body and essence  long enough to enable one to “slip” through.

Q:  Would this “shifting” also explain the time traveling done in Somewhere in Time, the movie?

A:  If this movie were to be made more in keeping with the ways in which your world and all worlds work, that is following the “rules” of essence and energy, then the young man would have shifted focus and gone through to that reality, that time period (if you will). He would not have left the body behind. Essence would have found the means to change the vibrational pattern of the entire being and moved it to where it belonged.

If he had only managed to shift focus from his physical form, then he would have “time traveled” as indicated, but “creating” another physical form would have taken much energy and focus, and placed the original physical form in jeopardy. This would not seem to be a practical use of energy.

In your conceptualization of time traveling, it is more a shifting of focus from your physical form to your essence form and changing your vibrational sequence so that you perceive the other realities that exist in this same space you call Earth. All times are occurring now and all events from “your past” occupy the same space and same “time” now. So, if your home “used” to be an Indian encampment, and you shift your focus from your now, to that now, you can perceive the encampment. It is just a different reality separated by a frequency range. You have simply chosen to see, sense, know, acknowledge one reality at a time, and that reality is the reality you perceive and occupy now. If you chose to see or sense all of the other realities, you could, but your physical mind would be unable to process or comprehend that which you would sense and see.


6 thoughts on “Do people time travel?

  1. Malik

    I always felt I should be in the 1860’s. I’ve never felt comfortable in this era, yet I’ve also never believed that wishing I could be some when else would change things.

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