Why do we age?

Q:  Why do we get older if our bodies are made of the same stuff as our souls?

A:  Age is a perception of the physical world and not a truth except in a very personal way at a very personal level. The components of your physical form do not age anymore than you yourself do, but it was discovered that within the physical world age could cause a variety of reactions, both in the one aging and in those that perceive the aged one. Therefore, age was agreed upon as being a worthwhile experience. This is why you age–for the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and reactionary lessons and experiences.

Because it is considered “normal” to age at a specific rate, others have opted to change that perspective and observe and experience the reactions of that change. Some have aged rapidly becoming 100-year-old men while not yet 10 of your years in age; while others have not shown the appearance of age at all and have looked young and in their prime while reaching 90 of your years. These cause all manner of reactions and greatly add to the overall experience(s) of all those involved, as well as all other essences everywhere.

Age is a matter of mind controlling matter. If you believe yourself old, your body will respond. If you look in the mirror and expect to see someone wrinkled and gray, then that is what the body will show you. You cause the body to be what you want by your very thoughts. If you believe yourself 20 forever, than that is what you will see. But few truly believe that, for they expect to see signs of age and, therefore, they do (although few expect to see it at age 10 or 15 or 20 <g>).

Q:  So death, too, is really just a perception of Earth, more of an illusion?

A:  Exactly. For you do not die, in fact, you are as dead now as you ever will be. The physical casing that you have structured for yourself so that you could experience the physical plane will discorporate and the energy go back to being the part of you that lasts forever–the “real” you. This is because the body or physical form is created by you, for you, of you, and when it is no longer needed, it once again, becomes part of you. You are energy–energy of light, sound, thought–you can have form if you wish, or you can just be if you wish. It is your choice as to how others will perceive you. Therefore, you are always changing, growing, and experiencing, and that is life.


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