Using the Earth’s Power

Q:  Can people really use the power grid surrounding the planet to perform “miracles”, such as parting the oceans, moving between worlds, leaping to the tops of mountains, etc.?

A:  The use of the power grid to perform “miracles” is done all the time. It is seldom realized, however, that this is the reason for the “event”. So, yes, we would say it is possible, and it is a reality. To consciously and willfully do so, is seldom encountered, for those who are aware of their abilities to manipulate the energies rarely do so for any reason(s) other than the balancing or re-balancing of the planal energies.

Those that “disappear” [from the world/reality] usually “step” into an alternate reality and rarely “step” back. The making of one’s self invisible requires not the power grid. Rather does it only require the fragment to re-adjust their frequencies to reflect those around them, thus making them virtually invisible. When tuned and in harmony with the environment in which one resides at that moment, others will see more room/office/road/etc. and not the person, for the person’s vibration is not of themself, but rather is it a continuation of the environment’s vibrations, which then masks their presence.

The use of the power grid to perform “tricks” to attract attention or to shortcut some activity, defeats the purpose of the life, as the life is to experience the physical plane. So, if one uses the power grid to climb a mountain instead of their body, they are no longer experiencing the physical plane. Therefore, those aware enough to use the energies, are also aware enough to allow essence to make the choices, and not personality. Only personality would wish to attract attention and fame (or infamy), or bypass the lessons that essence wishes to experience.


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