What is anti-matter?

Q: What about anti-matter? Is it real? And if so, what is it?

A: The nature of that which you call “anti-matter” is truly no different than that which you call matter. Both are objects created with energy—that substance that is all of us—yet to those in your time frame and in your reality, would these be considered the exact opposite. For if you are 6 points to positive, then that which you call anti-matter would be 6 points to the negative. Equal, balance. Always will you see this occurring until the balance point is reached. So for every now permutation is there an “opposing” occurrence. When all the nows are brought together, then is there balance.

So you reach a point in your life where you must make a decision, and all permutations of that decision will be either “positive” or “negative” until all permutations are “covered”. To those in the “negative” directly opposite the “positive” of equal “location” the objects and the whole of that “positive” reality will be considered anti-matter, and vice versa.

If each dot of a circle represents a possibility/probability, then does the center point  of the radius indicate balance. But that also means that the northern most point (A) is opposite the southern most point (B), and the eastern point (C) is opposite the western point (D). That makes A and B as anti-matter to each other, as are C and D, for they are truly opposites in vibratory frequencies, being at the furthest extremes of all probabilities—the furthest there is from the point of balance and each other. That the destruction of the worlds would occur should these objects meet or overlap would be “true” in a way, for the discordancies would be disruptive to all—animate and inanimate—as the clashing frequencies would cause great disharmony in all.

That you will find “anti-matter” as a physical property of your now is not true. That there are properties within the particles that attract or repel other particles is true. That you find these in great numbers and conclude that they are usable for propulsion is probable. The “charge” of the particles is dependent upon the amount of yin or yang energies absorbed by the particle. That this can be altered is also true. It is this influence in the type of energy found in the particles that allows the scientists to prove their various theories. That all events happen only due to your presence is also true, for if you are not there, then the now does not exist, for you create it even as you experience it.


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