What about meditation? Kriya or Lama yoga?

Q:  Can you ask about meditation? About Kriya yoga, Lama yoga About diet? About foods or combinations of food to avoid, or about recommendations for certain foods?

A:  We see the term yoga used in many ways but all apply to the universal method of obtaining control over the physical form in order to release the spiritual energy within. Some seek to control through rhythmic breathing, while others try to accomplish this through repetitive phrases or motions. Each person responds differently, for while some may find spiritual release in repeating different or similar phrases, others may find the same release through singing or reciting poetry. As for repeating motions, again, it is much like anything else, for some is it worthwhile and spiritually uplifting, while for others it merely exercises the body.

To gain access to the spirituality “within” must you first understand the physicality of the world without. The purpose of life is not to transcend it, but to live it. If you would seek a more balanced life, then we would say that is good works. If you would seek a spiritual life, that is a life spent in spiritual pursuits, then again, would we acknowledge that that is your choice. However, if you would seek to live within the spiritual planes while sustaining a physical presence, we would question whether all implications of this choice were understood; for to seek life beyond the physical while still remaining within the physical is to avoid the life. While this is a valid choice, it is a rather limited one and one that offers little growth.

The choice to follow a particular discipline of yoga is dependent more on the overleaves and the choice of life path rather than on any particular influence of body type, role, or essence level or cycle. While a fourth or fifth cycle might be more inclined to seek spiritual release, it is second and third cycles are more inclined to follow the latest trends. Fourth cycles will seek what works, and if that is any type of yoga or other discipline, then that is what they will declare as the best path to follow. Meanwhile, fifth cycles will follow their own internal directions. If that leads them to contemplation or meditation, then that is what they will follow; however, they are just as prone to seek spirituality in a quiet garden tending the plants as they are to sitting in the inverted cat position and controlling their breathing.

Each person will find their own releases and their own spiritual path, whether that path leads to a cathedral, a yoga mat, or to building a bird house out of scrap lumber.

We see several of the yoga disciplines as well as several disciplines of tai chi as being very beneficial to the physical form. Each induces the body to be moved and stretched in ways that help increase blood flow and help maintain muscle tone. This in turn aids the body to focus energies to those areas of the body or life in a more clear and mindful way. When the body becomes sluggish, then too, does the energy. This makes it difficult to focus not only on those mental and physical activities of the physical world, but also on those aspects wherein energy needs to be focused on the choices being made. While most of you do not necessarily expend much thought on choices made each day, but rather do you choose out of habit, there is still a need for you to expend some of your energies creating that path that you seek to follow. Just because you choose the same route to work each day, does not make that route a reality without some small expenditure of energy from you. This is not energy that you consciously focus on, yet if the body is not physically fit, the energies needed do not flow easily and the route to work may become filled with turmoils and blockages.

So, keeping the body agile and fit is important and not just for the health of the body, but also for the health of the auric bodies that comprise it.

Each person must decide what their diet will be. Some will favor grains, while others favor meats. Still others may favor sugars and sweets instead of those nutrients that actually aid the body. Each person must seek their own dietary path. We have stated that while some body types prefer foods that are more acidic or more alkaline, each person is usually a blending of body types. Dietary needs are also affected by the role and overleaves, for each change to the body’s frequency alters the body’s acid and alkaline levels.

The key for each person is to monitor your own body for cues as to what works and what does not. For as the body ages, does the vibrational frequency of the overall being shift, sometimes slowing and sometimes becoming more balanced. As this occurs, then should you adjust your diet accordingly. If, as a youth, you found yourself needing high levels of meat to keep the body balanced, might you, as you age, find that more grains or vegetables are needed and that the meat now places the physical form out of balance.

So, each person should identify those items that help the body maintain balance and work them into the diet.

As for combining different types of foods or food groups, we see only each person’s tastes and needs causing a need for this. A person who is balanced could place those dietary items needed for the body all together in one dish, as in a stew, and have no problem. The problems occur when items not favorable to the body are consumed. If the body cares not for legumes and they are consumed as part of a meal, then will the body be uncomfortable. The same is true for any plant or animal tissues that are consumed. Some individuals avoid certain combinations because they were taught to either directly or through observation, while others do so because of physical reactions to one or more of the ingredients, while still others avoid the combinations because previous life experiences have added to their programming and can induce a physical reaction if ignored.

For instance if during a previous existence, eating meat caused gastric distress intense enough to be remembered or to cause the death of the body, then can that “memory” cause the individual to choose vegetarianism. However, we see no particular reason why certain foods cannot be combined or why others should. As we stated, which foods are eaten and how they are eaten is more a matter of choice, enculturation, or “memory”.


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