Science vs. Art

Q: I’m an artist and I find the exclusive use and acceptance of science and scientific “facts” rather limiting. What do you have to say about it?

A: Science explains reality from a viewpoint of objectivity; art explains reality from a viewpoint of subjectivity. Both viewpoints are needed if a true understanding of reality is to emerge.

We see science as the opposite of art, for both are needed to understand all of life. Science and its corresponding technology does limit the user and “believer” to only those aspects of reality and life that one can see, taste, feel, hear, or calculate. It forces all to accept only those “facts” that correspond to a particular set of “truths” or within a well-defined framework.

A True scientist, however, will look beyond that framework; will seek beyond the established parameters and find questions that the established parameters and framework cannot help answer or contain. That is not to say that science is wrong or right, or better or worse, only that one must question everything, for to take anything at face value is to become complacent and “blind”.

Even those who use art to define and delimit their worlds need to push beyond and seek answers and questions in those places less traveled. If you use painting or words to define your world, then question why. If you use math then question that. Then seek another means—look beyond the math, look, beyond the words, for only then can you truly begin to see that the real world exists not just without, but within, too.

Stop not at the boundary of the street and house and tree and bird, but delve inside and find the beauty and the truth of the realms that reside there. This is not the only reality, this should not be your only focus. Focus beyond this here and now and see the true beauty, the true reality.


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