What are alien abductions, really?

Q: Will we find out what “visitor phenomena” (UFO’s, abductions, and the like) really are in, say, the next decade or so? Can Michael say what they are at all? I’m sure some (most?) of them are the result of overactive imaginations and outright hoaxes, but is there any “subjective reality” to this class of phenomena?

A: Always is there some basis of fact to all events, but one must remember that facts are merely a way of perceiving data so that it fits within your concept of truth.

To say that “aliens” exist is true, for there are many species of ensouled beings on the physical plane and Earth is not the only planet with ensouled life forms. That Earth contains two such life forms is true, and that the cetaceans deem you as alien or inferior is true, just as you judge them so.

That other ensouled creatures have visited the Earth is not true, for they have perceived no reason to come to this planet. That some have come to the planet by accident rather than plan is true, for some have lost their way while others have lost their craft or control of same. Those who crashed in Roswell did so by misfortune, for always is the physical plane filled with events not planned by those who participate in it.

That there are many species with the capability of traveling between “worlds” is true, for manipulating the physical plane is not as mysterious to most (species) who dwell within it. The human form, more than many others, keeps the conscious mind more separated and, therefore, allows not the remembrances of how the energies work together to surface. This more than anything else keeps the humans from advancing as fast/far as they dream, and also keeps the illusion of separateness and aloneness more pronounced.

That those who have come to be on your planet travel in crafts is true, but these are not of a type similar to your rockets or cars, for they do not traverse space in a linear fashion, going from point A to point B, but rather do they travel from point to point like a needle through fabric that folds and curls in upon itself. They have observed the flows of energies and realize that space is not a physical object but rather an absence of same. It is a physical plane barrier created by those on the physical plane to isolate the different groupings of ensouled beings. It is but another way in which the feelings of separateness and isolation are enforced. But as with all barriers, when the lessons are understood, the barriers cease to exist.

Some as individuals understand this, but as a group your species does not. There are many who come to visit with and communicate with the cetaceans, but they are not obsessed with the construction of physical objects, having little ability for construction. Rather do they “build” with their minds and create worlds within worlds through the manipulations of energies.

It is through these means that they interact with those from their home world for they (the cetaceans), like you, did not originate here on this planet, but rather was the planet created to accommodate the life forms selected. The cetaceans came first, then the humans. The other animals that populate the planet were “created” by you—all of you who dwell upon your Earth.

The abductions by aliens, as we have stated, is the physical mind’s way of dealing with the astral travel that occurs. That there are “monsters” or “aliens” or any number of “horrors” is due to the shifting pliability of the astral energies. If you think of monsters and are afraid, then you will see and encounter monsters and be terrified for the astral creates or transmutes into that which you think of and amplifies 20 fold those emotions you take with you.

In the past these same types of encounters were translated as being demons, devils and the like. Then the pinchings or pains were pitchforks or other instruments of torture carried by demons and devils. Now the demons have become aliens, and the torture devices part of the “testing” and probing done by these aliens. That any abductions by aliens has occurred is not true. That abductions by other humans has occurred is true, and that these are remembered as something completely “alien” is also true. This is because that the ego can at times cope better with the knowledge of aliens and space ships than with the knowledge that a relative, friend, or neighbor abducted and/or abused the body.

Of those you consider alien, have there been four visitations. Two were intentional, but unseen, and two were accidental and widely seen. One occurred in your southwest area known as Roswell, and one occurred in the Russian mountains. That they were dismissed or covered up is not unexpected, as most governments are controlled by those whose power lies in fear. Since they were afraid, they did not wish to cause others fear and so were the incidents dismissed. Will they be revealed for what they were—we find this doubtful, for unless the nature of governments change greatly, there will be no releasing of this information that induces great fear.


2 thoughts on “What are alien abductions, really?

  1. Peter

    I really find this posting hard to take. I think the evidence of alien visitations and abductions is too overwhelming to be so casaually disregarded. I think this posting is biased and wrong.

    1. tasiantor

      You are free to believe whatever you wish to. Just as many people believe in some form of organized religion, many others don’t. If you want to believe in alien visitations to Earth, then that is your choice. This posting was not meant to offend anyone.

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