How do I remember my dreams?

Q: Sometimes I can remember my dreams upon awakening, most of the time I can’t. Can you suggest a way to remember more of what we dream?

A: We would see the most expedient way of remembering those instances just prior to awakening as one in which the questioner would issue the “command” to self to remember. Then is it good practice to write of the images within a journal prior to any activity–even that of emerging from the covers. For the activities of laving the bed, turning on lights, or any other such, removes those images bit by bit, until little is left. Rather should you write of your experience, how you felt, what you saw, heard, tasted or held. What emotions were experienced and in what context. For these may mean much or they may mean little. It is dependent on the type of dream experienced. However, until you begin to collect the experiences, little is there to compare to ascertain of what type the experience/dream is.

Also, would we say that the taking of any stimulants or depressants will greatly interfere with the ability of the physical mind to fully release essence and will, therefore, interfere with the “dream” experiences. For both stimulants and depressants will cause the body and mind to lurch into wakefulness at odd moments during the sleep cycle, as well as prevent the full emersion of the mind into that depth of sleep needed for essence to leave.

This same type of interruption is likely if the body is in pain or discomfort. For again the depth of the sleep will be minimal and the ability of essence to “leave” quite limited.

Essence cares not when the sleep cycle is performed, nor does it care whether the sleep cycle is done in one long cycle or several shorter ones, although we do see a need for most to sleep for at least three hours in one period for essence to fully accomplish what it needs to. However, the ability of the body to regenerate and repair during that period is not true. For many will find that the physical form requires at least six of your hours for the minimum of reparations to occur. For most would they find the body best restored with eight or ten of your hours. But each must make their own choices. If one would sleep for three cycles of three hours, would they find this most satisfactory. Also could they substitute two sleep cycles and one meditation period, so that all three also equal nine or ten hours, and find that this is also satisfactory. For it is up to each fragment how they would handle their wakings and sleepings.

That meditations can be substituted, is true, but not fully. For they will suffice for small increments, but not large or full amounts if substituted. For they (the meditations) rarely invoke a deep enough resonance within the body to allow the essence to fully leave and complete its other tasks, although, the meditations do allow the body to restore and repair most common everyday needs. So one may meditate for two hours and then only sleep for six or seven, and they would find themselves healthy and refreshed. But we do not see a five hour meditation as applicable to five hours of sleeping.

[For more on dreams see Michael’s Dream Symbols]


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