How do I contact my guardian angel?

Q: At a recent visit to my energy healer she claimed she could sense the presence of what she called four or five aides, and one guardian angel. Who is he (this guardian) and who are the helpers? How do I contact them directly?

A: What she calls your guardian angel do we call your astral guide, for he has agreements with you to be there whenever you have need, whether it be for emotional or spiritual support and comfort, or physical life intervention. That he can and sill supply “directions” or advice is true, for if asked would he “direct” you toward that path most beneficial for what you would accomplish in your life. Those with him are those who would “train”. For they learn how to be guide and guardian. Often will there appear more than one guide for a fragment, and this is fine. But most times will the presence of one, more so than others, be primary. For it is with them that the agreements are strongest, more “compelling”. All have a primary guide/guardian, for all would make agreements for such. However, often are there secondary agreements made both by you and by that one who is primary. This ensures that you are never alone at any time. For always is there at least one who would guide or guard you, for always is there one to offer support or comfort when it is needed.

Some do not invoke the agreement and so do not realize that they do indeed have recourse or help. Rather do they struggle on their own never realizing that there are those who would help if they were but allowed to. It takes little to invoke the agreements. For most is it a matter of saying a prayer and asking for someone or something to help you “find your way”. Then will your guide/guardian act upon the agreement and begin their assistance. It can be as simple as stating that you wish someone would love you, help you, comfort you, care for you, etc. For once asked, will they then come.

Not all do care for “outside” help, for ego will not allow that they cannot accomplish the task on their own, or ego will not acknowledge the existence, belief, or need of angels, guides, or any other such entities. In that instance, will the guides not “interfere”. For they would allow the fragment to be quite alone. Few will do this more than twice, for they find the experience much too lonely and limiting. For without the ad of the guides, is it much more difficult to transpose the obtuseness of physical matter into that reality they truly want. Most times do they “settle”, having found it quite difficult to crate the exact reality they wish within the “time” they wish it to occur. Always does it work more smoothly with others assisting.

Guides will do no task nor make any decision for you. But rather do they assist you in those tasks that you choose to do, or help you fulfill that choice that you make. They may assist by providing support, understanding, comfort, or they may work with you in “molding” those energies into the reality you wish it to be.

They only intercede if there appears an incident unchosen by you, which will change or end your life’s path. Then will they attempt to either intercede by “issuing” warnings either through the sleep cycles, or by placing “voices” in your mind. If however, these are unheeded, will they attempt to alter the incident so as to minimize the interference to your life’s path as much as possible. If they can cause you to avoid the incident, they will do so, but some (fragments) are most stubborn and will listen not. Therefore, might they intercede enough to cause a shifting of the energies, so that the drunk driver who would hit you, does so not so severely. Perhaps you end up injured, but that is preferable to being killed, when the choice for death was not made.

Other than that will they intercede not, for your life is your own, and they do allow you to fully experience it. They do not judge, they merely assist when asked.

One can contact more easily and more directly those who would guide, through meditation, for it is during those moments of inner quiet that you will “hear” their “voices” as they respond to your questions.


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