What is ego?

Q: What is ego?

A: Each person is actually made up of 3 components:

  • The body, which is governed by instinct.
  • The personality, those traits chosen by you.
  • Essence, the soul, spirit, the true you.

When essence and personality work together in balance, you are working through “Ego”. It overrides most instincts and guides the human body in a controlled way. However, in most first and fifth cycles, essence is stronger than personality, so the journey is full of fits and starts as essence, then personality, then ego, then essence again, try to “drive”. Sometimes they are each headed for the same goal, but insist on different paths, and sometimes they have totally divergent goals, which makes for difficult, if not interesting, journey.

Third cycles very often are a good blend of personality and essence. This means that they are, for the most part, always acting out of ego. Therefore, their journeys are rarely stalled or as fitful as those whose blending is not quite so true. Of course, everyone can have moments when one of the other “drivers” (essence or personality) becomes stronger and that can interrupt the journey; but since most do not wish to see beneath the “surface of life”, most do not recognize that it is their own dichotomous nature that has interrupted their travels. Rather, do they interpret it as “God”, “angels”, “fate”, or some other outside force.

However, when it comes to bumpy journeys, none are quite as bumpy as first and fifth cycles, for first cycles are not fully immersed in the earthly plane, so essence is more in control of the body as personality struggles to take control. While in fifth cycles it is essence that struggles to wrest away control from personality.

It is this fierce inner struggle that causes so many first and fifth cycles to become manic/depressive. Yet it is the depressive state that most notice—at least this is true of fifth cycles. However, you can find in most final cycles a type of glee or manic euphoria when personality grabs the steering wheel, at least until essence again begins to fight for control. Then does the slide toward depression begin (again).

This inner conflict is rarely resolved until just before death when, realizing its futility, personality finally steps aside and lets essence have its way. And while it is never completely happy with the surrender, it finds that by allowing essence to lead the way, that life doesn’t end. Instead, it continues in a way never expected, in a way never thought possible, and both essence and personality move into a place of light, and everlasting love and joy.


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