What about improving our morals?

Q: I’ve heard some people say that our morals are slipping, and that we need to work at becoming a more moral nation. How do you feel about this?

A: Morality is an affectation of the physical plane and consists of those rules and structures approved by culture, society, church, state, or other sources. But we see no need for this artificial restriction if love is used as a basis for the choice.

That there is wrongness in having sexual intercourse (prior to a marriage or only when a certain age) is a societal judgment, and not one with any basis in truth, for the human body needs to create, as does essence, and one way for these creative energies to be released is through intercourse. That a marriage must occur first or that the participants must be of a certain age, or a particular gender mix, is again physical plane morality and has no basis in truth, other than personal truths, for they are much like religious beliefs, which are also personal truths.

Karma only occurs when both do not agree to the intercourse, for then does it create a debt between the participants. Otherwise, there is no wrong or right age, or wrong or right gender mix, there is only choice.

Morality is just another name for those fears created and perpetuated by society, parents, church, school, etc. for each will sift through the “rules” and structures and focus only on those that induce (in them) the most fear. So will they concentrate on perpetuating that fear that they find most prominent in self. If they found themselves pregnant and in a position of “having to marry”, will their fear be perpetuated on any female child born to them or that they are responsible for nurturing and/or raising. For they will fear that the child is “doomed” as were they, and so will they invoke those rules most severe in an attempt to keep the child from their (the adult’s) mistake.

We see all doing better if they were to follow essence rather than fears, but this is not how the experiences are gained, and so will structures and fears continue to bind you when you let them, for that is your (all of you) choice.


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