What about Cancers and Heart Problems?

Q: Is there a connection to the part of the body or the organ(s) and the type of illness, such as pancreatic cancer or heart disease, that people get?

A: Illnesses are entered into as ways of learning lessons or of sharing experiences. For example, if a family were in need of re-integrating, of rebuilding their unity, the patriarchal or matriarchal figure of the family may invoke an illness that would, in its severity, bring the family members together. But once the lesson was learned would the illness be released, being either cured or sent into remission.

Cancer, as are most illnesses, is a blockage of energies. We see pancreatic cancer as an inability to resolve those familial issues surrounding you. The energies from all those considered family seep into the liver and pancreas, and if not reconciled or resolved, will cause blockages and backups.

The sugar in the body reflects the saccharine attitude that permeates the energies emanating from those considered family. saccharine in its false sweetness, it overpowers those around it and in some, it becomes insufferable. This smothering need then breaks down into something that their body cannot always cope with. The result is an overpowering of energies that backup into the body’s organs creating cancers.

Heart conditions are primarily caused by conflicting emotions or overriding emotional conflicts of those around the sufferer. In the questioner’s case, the conflicting emotions are your own, for you find coping with others difficult, yet the sage part of you still craves attention. For others is it primarily fear that overwhelms the heart. They create such an overpowering fear-filled world for themselves that the heart becomes worn out and eventually fails.

The heart is the seat of the emotional center, and when that center is overpowered with emotional input, it becomes exhausted.

Heart attacks are usually caused when the emotional center is closed down too far. The emotions leak through in dribs and drabs, but a large emotional outburst (fear usually) will cause the heart to seize in its inability to handle the amount of energies being released.

Swallowed emotions, emotions held back rather than expressed can cause esophageal or stomach cancer, or can result in an enlarged heart. Emotions need expressing. However, not all [people] have the capacity or capability of doing so without harming themselves or others. Some struggle with communicating all that they feel. This may result in throat issues or movement issues, depending on how they would express themselves.


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