Are curses real?

Q. Do such things as evil thoughts and/or curses really exist, and how do they play a role in the teachings and life?

A: Curses and “evil” thoughts are a part of life. They are as much a part of life as any thought or action. It still remains the intentions and emotions behind any thought or action that will determine whether harm is created.

The verbalizing of anger is not overly or overtly harmful as long as no intention is behind the words. A brief outburst of negativity will usually dissipate quickly if the energies surrounding it are primarily neutral or positive.

If the negativity has intent, as well as emotion, though, then will it also be directed and “pointed” –this means that the receiver of such negativity may be “pierced” by this negativity and their aura abraded, torn, or otherwise harmed. If not corrected by the one who issued the negativity, can this eventually lead to an imbalance between the two. To correct this, would you issue an apology of sincerity offering healing and calming words. If accepted, will this go far to closing the wound within the other’s aura.

If rejected, and you were sincere in your offering, then is the person creating a self-karma. For by issuing the apology of sincerity, do you remove the wounding words and the poison they spewed. However, by rejecting your apology does this person then inject their own poison into the wound, thereby creating their own imbalance.

We use the wording we do because this creates the most realistic picture. The words and thoughts with intent and emotion are as barbs or spears. Tossed into another’s aura do they rip, rend and tear. The more vitriolic the thought and words, then might they also contain “poison”, which will saturate the wound within the aura and eventually will it poison the person—whether that means poisoning their attitude or disposition, or their spirit making it wither and shrivel, or even poisoning the physical body, making it ill.

All thoughts can be weapons, just as thoughts can be healing and loving. For someone to curse you—that is, place a curse upon you—must there be intent to harm. For if they intend to harm you then they can do so. However, most do not have the emotional strength to be effective. To seek out someone and ask them to place a curse on another, will you often find that it fails to work, unless the person cursed is told what was done and believes it will work, thereby creating the curse within themselves. For the person hired to create the curse has not the animosity for the one being cursed, therefore without the emotional backing, the intentions are not truly there, so will the curse most often not work.

If, however, the person issuing the curse is also the person who feels the anger or animosity then will the curse prevail whether the person being cursed knows of the curse or not.

It takes intention backed by emotion to create a breach wide enough in someone’s aura to cause them physical harm.


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