Talk to us about relationships

Q: What is the most important reason and the biggest difficulty in relationships?

A: All relationships are the learning of acceptance and understanding, for all relationships are based on shared differences and samenesses. With some will you find there are no samenesses, and so will you seek elsewhere for a relationship, for all must find some commonality on which to found the interactions. If the commonality is small, then might the relationship carry little depth, but that is your choice for much can be learned from those whose ideas are filtered so differently from yours.

We see the largest or greatest need of relationships as the reassuring of self that there are others like self, for without that constant reinforcement do you (all of you) tend to forget that you are not alone. The biggest fear for all (of you) is that of loneliness, so, often will you seek at least one other who expresses thoughts in a way similar to yours so as to validate self.

Other times will you seek the stimulus of those whose ideas and concepts are opposite of yours, for this allows you both to learn and grow and exchange ideas. So, all manner of relationships are needed, for there are many experiences to be had.

That relationships have varying levels of involvement is true, for all interactions with another is a type of relationship. A relationship is your reaction to (or how you relate with or to something or someone); therefore, will you find that all lives are a vast array of relationships. You have a relationship with the planet, and with those of nature who abide on her. You have relationships with your parents and siblings, and all those within your family. There are relationships with the family’s pet and other’s domesticated animals, as well as with the house, the room, the furniture and the very day. For every interaction is a type of relationship, and you interact constantly with all things around you, and all those who come into your sphere of influence.

To ignore someone is to relate to them. For instance, if the mailman were to see you and acknowledge you not, would that be a type of relationship. His interaction is to not interact at all. This then is the first level of interaction or a basic relationship, and it is this type of relationship that most do have with those objects of physicality, for most do not recognize objects (chairs, bricks, carpets, etc.) as something with which they can interact, and yet they do so all the time. Simply by using these objects are they acknowledging the object’s existence within their world, and so are they relating to those objects.

Just as the mailman ignores you, ignoring a person or object does give them a validation of being, even in that act of acknowledging them not. We see many who recognize not the validity of these relationships, but valid they are. One who would destroy objects, is one whose respect and understanding of the validity of all life is tightly sheltered, for they dwell closely within their role and recognize not the unreality of the drama in which they participate.


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