Is everything alive?

Q: If everything is made of the same material as the All or the Tao, then does that mean everything is alive? And if it’s alive does that mean it’s aware? I mean, could a person become a chair, or a chair a person?

A:  The world that you see, the universe, the pandimensional realities, and all planes are organized and orderly. They have an underlying structure that holds them together and a foundation from which they were “built”, for they are all of the same material that comprises you and us, and all other creations.

We are all created from the energy and awareness that is the Tao. That is why and how we are all connected. For all things have awareness, but not all creations have sentience. Sentience means the taking of responsibility for the choices made, and the participation in and awareness of the different realities and the different planes.

A chair is made of the same substance as you or us, and that substance is aware, but it is not sentient. Some people appear to be unaware, but they are still sentient, for although on a “conscious” level they do not know why they do what they do, at the core level—the essence level—they do, and it is at this level that we make the distinction. For a chair although of the same material as essence, is not essence. It contains the same energies and “materials”, but it contains not the “soul” that gives us and you sentience.

Only 2 species on your planet have that type of awareness—cetaceans and humans. Each is aware of itself and others. Each is aware of the “rules”—that is that they alone are responsible for themselves, that they make their own choices and they are responsible for the outcome of those choices—and each is aware that there is more to “life” than what they are currently experiencing. That is sentience. Dogs do not have it, cod do not have it, nor do butterflies or birds. for they are “creations” of those who dwell in the physical plane. You would populate your worlds with all manner of creatures and what you call matter does its best to accommodate you, for the oversoul that maintains the reality in which you dwell is a great manipulator of energy.


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