Who is at a higher level, Seth or Michael?

Q: Could Michael could compare their teaching to Seth’s. Seth’s teaching seems to emphasize the idea that thoughts are very important. For example, “you create your own reality” by your thoughts; whereas, Michael seems to place a lot of emphasis on Karma. Can Michael explain the differences between the two teaching if any?

Also, which entity, Michael or Seth, is at a higher level of understanding? Thank you.

A: We come. We seek to explain the truths of your world and ours, and of the universes and realities and the All. That Seth does this also, is true, for they, too, are of the causal plane. While we are primarily kings and warrior and scholars, they are primarily sages, artisans and priests. This then provides from them a perspective different from ours, as does the various channels used. For while we channel through scholars, warriors, and kings, Seth channels through primarily sages, artisans and scholars. While speaking through that one known as Jane Roberts, who did provide the books, were the primary truths explored. Those of reality and psychology and art seemed predominant for they were topics most familiar to the channel. That other topics were also discussed is true, but those we mentioned were more in depth and more intense.

We do not tout karma anymore than we do discuss the nature of man and of his reality, for we would converse on all topics brought to us. Most often it is others who concentrate on karma, not us, for that is just one small truth and pertains to only 1/10th of those lessons/experiences gained from any life. All experiences are valid, and very few lead to imbalance or the correction of same. More often is the experience of life one of simplistic pleasures such as the joy felt when observing a colourful sunset/sunrise or the enjoyment gained from listening to a concert of favorite music. Many lessons occur every one of your days, yet very few actually result in the imbalance of karma. Life is about choice and responsibility, and that is what we teach. For all that occurs, does so because you choose it to. All that you see, all that are (in physical form) is because of your choices. If you wish to be haggard and frazzled in appearance, then so will you be. If you wish to be in a place of great noise and confusion, then so shall you be. Only you can determine what you will do, be, see, experience—no one else. You are responsible for yourself and for no one else. If you like not the life, change it. If you like not the choices made thus far, then make different ones in your now. It will not change those choices made in those other nows, those nows you term past, but it will affect your current now, and all the nows (realities) that are realized as a part of that now and those choices.

To blame God, or Satan, or Mother, or Brother, or Neighbour, or Boss for the life you are in, is to lie to self. For only you are the controller of your life, and only you and the choices you made are why you are who you are, and why your life is as it is.

We speak of many topics—karma being only one small fraction of our teachings. For we prefer to offer hope and love, rather than retribution and despair. Karma only occurs when one has had choices added to or subtracted from their life. For if they planned not to be rich and your gift of millions now makes them so, and no agreements exist between you for this exchange, then is an imbalance created. For you have added choices to the life that they did not wish to experience.

So, again, do you see that it is the agreements and choices comprising the life that create the now in which you dwell. And all the choices you make within that now, create those nows you term future and past, for you create your future while creating your past as you exist within your now.

We also speak of relationships and fear, for ego “controls” through fear, although it can make the fear appear to be love, affection, or good will. Fear can be subtle or overt, but in all cases is it the largest lesson that all (on all planes) experience. For we each study love and fear. On the physical plane do you “study” these topics through your dramas that you call “every day life”. Those on the astral, experience these as extremes of emotions. Those within the causal, do study them as truths and “lies”, for fear can masquerade as truth, but the mask eventually slips and the lie is unmistakable.

We are a teacher with many students; however, they (who channel others, and not us) perhaps dwell more on those topics with which they are more familiar, such as karma, is possible, for we are not such a one-dimensional being.

You ask who was “higher”, us or Seth, and we state that we cannot answer this, for we are both of the causal and are both teachers. That our vibratory frequency resonates at a higher or faster pitch than does Seth’s is true, but that is because of the energies that comprise us and nothing more. It makes us, us, but it does not indicate “better”, “worse”, “further developed”, “higher”, “lower”, or any other measurement. For all are equal—on all planes is there none better or worse than another. No race, species, or individual is better than another. All have their abilities and weaknesses, and all have their place(s) within the reality in which they dwell. We are who and what we are, and Seth is who and what they are, just as Samuel is who and what they are, and you are who and what you are.

All are equal and all are each other, for we are of you, just as you are of us.


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