Invoking the Violet Light

Q:  Can you tell us if invoking the Violet Light both for ourselves and visualizing the earth surrounded by the Violet Light is helping to transmute fears and helping to raise our own and the earth’s vibration?

A: To create a less fearful planet, should you envision blues and silvers. The silver will raise the vibration while the blue brings feelings of peaceful calm.

Gold is a more harmonizing color and raises the vibrations ten fold of all within its light. Gold is the color used by those who would contact us, while silver will aid most to raise their vibratory levels enough to easily contact those within the upper astral levels.

White light is the color of the Buddhic plane and so does this color help raise ones vibrations enough to reach those upon that level. To reach the Tao do you need to reach beyond the physically visible spectrum of light, for the Tao contains all light and all sound and all aspects of everything.

We would see blue as calming and scholarly, while green is healthy and artistic. Yellow is energetic and priestly, while red is powerful and warriorly. Purple, being a combination of both the priest and warrior, is used by kings, while brown (combining green and red) is used by the server. The sage uses orange—combining both the red of the warriors and the yellow of the priest.

That these colors also correspond to the chakras, is also true, and we have given you that chart already. (See Michael on Channeling, Guides, and Other Topics for more information.)


2 thoughts on “Invoking the Violet Light

  1. Moriah

    while I browse through this web-site, I find much information about astral travel, on controlling astral projection vibrations. thank you very much for this helpful information.

  2. Peter Schreck

    During astral travel, it is possible to arrive at never-before-seen places or astral air carriers, and even to connect with friends, family members, and relatives who have long been dead. while in astral projection, people can perform things that are normally not possible in the physical world, such as walking by doors and walls. it is said that even individuals with disabilities will have a healthy, complete body on this astral plane.

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