What was Leo Tolstoy and others?

Q:  I would like to know about some of the past writers—novelists and the like.

A: The fragment who was Leo Tolstoy is extant yes, for he, now she, dwells in the area of Gdansk. A 4th cycle king-cast priest with a chief feature of stubbornness and a goal of growth she struggles to raise a family of four. This is not a writer nor one who even reads that often; however, she has read one of those works by her persona Tolstoy and found it intriguing, if too long.

Fyodor Dostoyevski was a 4th cycle server-cast priest in the moving part of the emotional center with a chief feature of stubbornness with a goal of acceptance in the power mode. After completing 13 previous lives, he now lives in Auckland, New Zealand where he raises sheep. He is a late 5th cycle with a chief feature of arrogance in passion mode and a goal of growth.

Vladimir Nabokov was a realist with a goal of growth in perseverance and an early 3rd cycle priest-cast server. Now does he live in East Passaic, New Jersey. Still a young boy, with a goal of growth, an idealist, with a chief feature of stubbornness, does he find himself drawn towards the arts, but more towards acting than writing.

Aleksandr Pushkin was a 3rd cycle sage with a chief feature of self-destruction and a goal of dominance. He struggled with himself as he tried to dominate all aspects of his life, but because of his chief feature, he ultimately sabotaged his own efforts, thereby failing. Currently, she lives in the Ukraine with an elderly mother whom she must care for. This is the fragment’s third life since being the writer Pushkin.

Sir Kingsly Amis was a 3rd cycle warrior with a goal of growth in power mode. This one is waiting to be born to a couple in Wales.

Jane Austen. We see this one as having been a 2nd cycle scholar. This fragment, now he, is a 3rd cycle skeptic in the moving part of the intellectual with a chief feature of stubbornness. A gambler both in life and by profession, does he live in the area of Hollywood, making regular trips to both Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.

Boris Pasternak was an early 4th cycle sage, flamboyant and headstrong. Now does the fragment reside in the astral planes between lives having died early to complete those internal monads left incomplete from the previous life.


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